The Creativity’s Prize of the Month for February goes to contemporary artist Vladimir Shmoylov for his stunning series of posters “Flower Man.”

Through the use of digital imaging and his skill in drawing, Vladimir Shmoylov creates a harmonious blend of colors and the human face, resulting in figures that exude dynamic movement and individuality.

His technical ability and rich imagination are on full display in this series, earning him recognition from a jury of experts and art professionals. Congratulations to Vladimir Shmoylov for his exceptional creativity and talent.

The Creativity’s Prize is a highly sought-after award that recognizes exceptional creativity and originality in artists, sculptors, and creators. The jury looks for entries that demonstrate a high degree of technical skill, innovation, and uniqueness. Previous winners have used their talents to create pieces that are not only visually stunning, but also deeply emotive and thought-provoking. Winning the Creativity’s Prize is a prestigious recognition of an artist’s hard work and dedication to their craft, and serves as an inspiration to other creatives to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their own work.

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