First place in the Portrait Artist category went to Evgenii Gruzdev, who used a new technique to draw details. 

The world of portrait artistry was abuzz with excitement when the winners of the Creativity’s Prize were announced. Showcasing some of the most innovative and exciting techniques, the competition spanned the globe in search of the most creative portrait artists.

The Creativity’s Prize is a well-deserved recognition of the artist’s exceptional creativity and originality. This prize will encourage the artist to continue to push the boundaries of their creativity, and will inspire other artists to do the same.

The competition this year was especially fierce, but in the end, the judges chose Evgenii Gruzdev as the winner. Evgenii is an incredibly talented artist who has developed a unique technique that allows him to draw out details and emphasize elements of a subject’s features with remarkable skill and precision.

Evgenii Gruzdev, “Sir Alan Yarrow (as Lord Mayor of London)”

Evgenii’s portraits have been described as beautiful, captivating and full of life – a testament to his talent and skill as an artist. He takes great care to capture the very essence of his subjects in a way that is both lifelike and striking. His art has been described as having an emotional depth that is hard to find in other portrait artists’ works.

With such an incredible achievement, it is clear that Evgenii Gruzdev has earned his place among the world’s best portrait artists. He is certainly one to watch in the future and we look forward to seeing what else he has in store for us!

Earlier it was announced that the jury had begun selecting works for the Artists, Sculptors and Creators Award – Creativity’s Prize 2022.

Ellie Fisher

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