The winners of the Creativity’s Prize 2022 in the category Portrait Artist have been announced.

Olga Bonitas has been named the winner of the Creativity’s Prize 2022 in the watercolour artist category, one of the most prestigious prizes that an artist can receive. This award recognizes Olga’s exceptional creativity and originality, as well as her technical skill and innovation in her work.

The Creativity’s Prize is given to artists, sculptors and creators who have demonstrated exceptional creativity in their work. The jury looks for originality, innovation and technical skill in the entries, and selects the entry that they feel is the most creative.

Winners of the Creativity's Prize 2022 for watercolour artist announced
Darkness Gone Away, Olga Bonitas

Olga Bonitas is a self-taught artist with a degree in biotechnology who left her career as an engineer in 2015 to pursue painting full-time. Through hard work and dedication, she quickly gained the respect and attention of the art community, with her stunning paintings capturing the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere. In addition to her successful career as an artist, Olga is also a highly sought-after teacher, sharing her talent with the world through her popular courses on Skillshare.

This award is a testament to Olga’s dedication to her craft and her exceptional talent as an artist.

But Olga’s creative pursuits don’t end there. She also illustrates books and magazines, participates in international art exhibitions, and works on environmental and charity projects around the world. Through her art, Olga speaks to audiences in a visual language about socially significant topics that are relevant to our society, using her talent and influence to make a positive impact.

It is no surprise, then, that Olga Bonitas has been chosen as the winner of the Creativity’s Prize for 2022. This prestigious award is a well-deserved recognition of Olga’s exceptional creativity and originality, and will encourage her to continue pushing the boundaries of her art. It will also inspire other artists to follow in her footsteps and embrace their own creativity to create something truly unique and original.