Natalia Abramishvili and her emotion

09.12.22 Yulia Tulegenova, art reviewer 

Natalia Abramishvili and her emotion
Natalia Abramishvili  “Crowd”

Natalia Abramishvili is a contemporary sculptor who has earned international acclaim for her emotionally evocative and thought-provoking ceramic works. Her pieces are characterized by their minimalist approach to form, yet often contain complex symbolism. In her latest project, the sculptor’s work was focused on exploring the concept of emotion and its importance in our lives.

The project consisted of several pieces, each representing different aspects of the emotion and its various meanings. This project underscores the complexity and diversity inherent in our feelings about home.

The final piece was perhaps the most powerful of all; this ceramic sculpture depicted an entire spectrum of emotion, structure made from clay. The image itself was composed of multiple elements; some figures represented carefree joy while others conveyed sorrow, confusion, or frustration. The work was intended to encapsulate the full range of human emotions that can be experienced within an environment – both good and bad – as well as commenting on how these feelings can shape our understanding of what it means to be at emotion. 

Natalia Abramishvili’s sculptures evoke a wide range of emotions in viewers who have experienced homesickness or alienation in their lives – but those who have never been homesick can still appreciate the raw beauty and power present in these pieces. The sculptor’s work contains multiple layers of meaning, allowing viewers to draw their own interpretations about what it means to call a place “home” – whether this is a physical location or an abstract concept that exists solely in our hearts and minds.

When it comes to sculpture, Natalia Abramishvili’s work stands out for its originality and thought-provoking artistry. Abramishvili is known for her ceramic sculptures, which combine traditional craftsmanship with unexpected yet thoughtful design elements. Her pieces sometimes take the form of human figures, and she incorporates elements of the natural world into her works to create unique representations that are both beautiful and meaningful.

The meaning behind her sculptures often center around ideas of human connections and emotions, particularly those between individuals and groups. In many of her projects, she focuses on creating a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork, invoking a range of emotions from curiosity to sorrow or joy. By using found objects, Abramishvili breathes life into her sculptures by imbuing them with a sense of movement. She also uses colors that reflect the natural environment in order to further evoke emotion from viewers.

Natalia’s works often carry messages of hope and resilience, which is especially important during these difficult times. Through her art, she strives to bring comfort and solace to those who view her work by reminding them that beauty can still be found even in the face of adversity. The public’s reaction to her sculptures has been overwhelmingly positive; many viewers have commented on how moved they have been by the emotional content in Abramishvili’s creations. 

By taking an experimental approach to ceramic art, Natalia has created a body of work that speaks to people in profound ways. Her efforts have not gone unrecognized; she has won numerous awards for her projects. It is clear that artist is passionate about what she does and is committed to creating pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as conceptually meaningful. As one of the leading contemporary sculptors working today, Natalia Abramishvili is an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere who share her passion for creating artwork with a message.