Shaun Evans and Anna Maxwell Martin are set to lead the cast of “Delia Balmer,” a true crime drama about the harrowing story of a woman who survived a relationship with notorious serial killer John Sweeney. After playing the iconic detective in “Inspector Morse” prequel “Endeavour” for a decade, Evans takes on a starkly different role as Sweeney, a carpenter from Liverpool who killed and dismembered two of his girlfriends in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Maxwell Martin, known for her role in “Line of Duty,” will play Delia Balmer, who met Sweeney in a London pub in 1991 and fell into a tumultuous and dangerous relationship with him. The series will follow the story of how Balmer survived the violent relationship and the near-fatal attack that followed, as well as the long legal battle to bring Sweeney to justice.

Sweeney was eventually arrested and sentenced to life without parole, having been linked to up to five murders. The drama will be a gripping exploration of the horrific events and the woman who survived them. With the final season of “Endeavour” about to air in the UK and US, fans of Shaun Evans can look forward to seeing him in a challenging and dramatic new role.

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