Dive into our unrivalled, diverse range of children’s book apps, where reading is a holiday for all. Good children’s book apps open up a fabulous world of imaginative activity and education. Thanks to a number of brilliant authors and storytellers, there have been many fantastic children’s books recently that aim to educate and inspire little ones.

Children’s book apps support and encourage wider reading. They give children the opportunity to travel to different worlds, meet new friends, fight terrible enemies, learn amazing facts and find solace in times of need.

For parents, book apps offer your children the opportunity to explore a range of wonderful, informative, moving, rich stories, poems and non-fiction classic and contemporary texts without any pressure. The stories children hear as children remember the most, and reading them together with a parent makes them even more memorable. For teachers, book apps offer support, guidance, inspiration and many resources that can be used and adapted in their classroom.

From picture books to graphic novels, reading is an integral part of growing up, and here you’ll find a whole world of book apps to accompany children on their journey through life. During playtime and before bedtime, they’ll enjoy reaching for engaging children’s book apps that feature easy-to-read text and beautiful illustrations.

Here’s a list of the best children’s book apps to inspire the little authors in your life.

Read Along Kids Books & Math
1. Read Along Kids Books & Math
( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Read Along Kids Books provides young learners with an extensive library of well-written and illustrated eBooks. These books cover fiction and non-fiction in a variety of subjects, including maths, science, history, and geography.

The books are voiced, highlight each word as they are read, include a glossary to expand vocabulary, and are suitable for shared or independent reading.

Each book comes with a quiz and a task to focus children’s attention on the content and assess their comprehension.

Devices: Android, iPhone and iPad

Price: Free with premium plans

Epic! Books
2. epic! Books
( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Epic Books is the world’s leading children’s book service, offering immediate on-demand access to more than 25,000 high-quality picture and chapter books for children aged 12 and under. Children and parents can read them online or offline, online or on mobile devices.

Users can search for books by theme, genre and age, and some have audio or ‘read to me’ versions where children can follow highlighted words. The Reading Statistics page tracks time spent reading, the number of pages turned and books read, and children can earn badges and awards for certain achievements, making this one of the best book apps for children.

Devices: Android, iPhone and iPad

Price: Free with premium plans

Download Epic Books

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